MAY 13-15, 2020

At The Beautiful

Resort & Spa



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MAY 13-15 2020

Enjoy a round of golf at the TPC Stadium Course or the Ponte Vedra Ocean Course.



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MAY 13-15, 2020

At The Beautiful

Resort & Spa




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MAY 13-15, 2020

Get out on the water for an inshore fishing trip!



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Relax with an Oceanside Spa Package at One Ocean Resort.


MAY 13-15, 2020


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Dear Friends,

Year in and year out for the last 9 years, we have all had a personally enriching, professionally challenging, and highly enjoyable time together at The Sunshine Conference.  It is with much regret that we have had to cancel this year’s Sunshine Conference.  The COVID -19 pandemic introduces far too much risk to all of us to proceed with The Sunshine Conference as planned.  The safety of our attendees, sponsors, speakers, employees and our communities has and always will come first.


Next Steps:  If you have made reservations at the One Ocean Resort and Spa, you will need to cancel those and we have been told that you will receive a full refund of any deposits and pay no charges if you cancel by April 10.  If you are a sponsor and you have paid, you may request a refund of your funds or, if you would like to roll that over to the 2021 conference, you do not need to do anything. If you are a sponsor who has not paid, you do not need to do anything.


We will miss seeing you all very much but will enjoy “meeting” you through video conferences until it is once again deemed safe to meet face to face. We hope to see you all at the 2021 Sunshine Conference on May 11-13.


Wishing you safety and good health,


Bubba, Randy, Jay, Myron, Carol, Courtney and Dyan

2020 Sunshine Conference Details & Sponsors!

Our Platinum Sponsors

Our Venue

Our Gold Sponsors

We are pleased to announce The 9th Annual Sunshine Conference will be held at One Ocean Resort & Spa, located on the lovely shores of Jacksonville Beach, May 13-15, 2020.

The 2020 Sunshine Conference promises to provide the opportunity to mingle with industry leaders from across Florida and the southeast, while taking in the breathtaking views and the exhilarating ocean breezes of the Atlantic.

Special Guest Speakers!

We will have Special Guest Speakers from Industry Leading Companies and other positions within from within Florida and across the country.

The Sunshine Conference offers an intimate and exclusive environment for our guests which allows for optimal networking, unique educational and thought provoking experiences, along with fabulous recreational selections to choose from - Golf the World Famous TPC Stadium Course or the Marsh Landing Country Club, Fish along the shores of the Northeast Florida Atlantic Coast with the most experienced and salty sea captains available, or relax and enjoy a lovely spa package oceanside at One Ocean’s onsite spa!

Our Agenda:

Wednesday, May 13th, 5 PM to 7 PM-Registration and Welcome Reception

Thursday, May 14th,  8 AM to 5 PM- Full day conference with offsite dinner to follow

Friday, May 15th- Enjoy the fun! Select from Golfing the TPC Stadium Course or the Marsh Landing Country Club, an inshore fishing excursion or a Spa Day at One Ocean Resort Spa!

The 2020 Sunshine Conference promises to provide the opportunity to mingle with industry leaders from within Florida and across the country, while taking in the breathtaking views and the exhilarating ocean breezes of the Atlantic.  Atlantic Beach offers a wonderful selection of things to do -  enjoy the vast stretch of beach and coastline steps from your hotel room or dine at some of the finest restaurants available, all within walking distance.

Some of Our Prestigious Past Guest Speakers!




Keni Thomas

In the summer of 1993 Staff Sergeant Keni Thomas was deployed to Mogadishu Somalia with the 3rd Ranger Battalion as part of an elite special operations package called Task Force Ranger. Their mission was to find and capture a criminal warlord named Mohammed Farrah Aidid. On the 3rd of October, Keni and his fellow rangers distinguished themselves in an eighteen hour fire-fight that would later be recounted in the highly successful book and movie "Black Hawk Down". Nineteen Americans gave their lives and 78 were wounded in the worst urban combat seen by US troops since WWII.

A powerful speaker, Keni captivates audiences from beginning to end as he tells the incredible story of extraordinary individuals and how they fought to bring each other home. Drawing from his experiences on the battlefield, Keni inspires people to achieve greatness by stressing the importance of outstanding leadership at every level, even if the only person you are leading is yourself. His message of "Train as you fight - Fight as you train and Lead By Example" epitomizes the Ranger motto "Rangers Lead the Way!"

Keni sums it up like this, "Leadership has never been about the rank or the position you hold. It's about the example you set. There are people to your left and to your right who are counting on you and its up to you to deliver. But you will only be as good as you prepared yourself to be."

After Mogadishu, Staff Sergeant Thomas volunteered for one more enlistment in the Army. He became an assistant team leader for a six-man ranger reconnaissance team. He earned his master parachutist rating with over 400 military free fall jumps. He completed the Special Forces Combat Diver course, became an Advanced EMT and was one of ten Americans to complete the Belgium Commando Course.

Keni got out of the Army to pursue his music career and now works full-time as an award winning country music recording artist and songwriter in Nashville. He and his band Cornbread were featured in the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" and his music can be heard on country stations nationwide. Keni continued to serve our troops with regular tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is a regular guest on all the major news networks as a military analyst and was also a military advisor for the Mel Gibson movie "We Were Soldiers". He has been recognized by the President of the United States, by Congress and has been awarded the American Patriot Award. But Keni is most proud of his appointment as a national spokesman for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. They provide college educations to the children of our special operations personnel killed in combat or training.

"Our special operations warriors are the tip of the spear. Their's is a dangerous and high risk mission" says Thomas. "Because of that, their losses are disproportionately high when compared to the rest of our military. Taking care of their kids, is the least we can do. It's what those dads would have wanted."

Keni graduated from the University of Florida in December, 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising. 

He is a recipient of the bronze star for valor.



Steve Badger

Steve Badger represents the commercial property insurance industry in major catastrophe exposures, both as a plaintiff in subrogation matters and a defendant in coverage litigation.  Beginning with Hurricane Andrew in 1992, for over 25 years Badger has been involved in litigation arising from every major catastrophic event, including hurricanes, fires, floods, and the 911 Terrorist Attack.

For seven years, Steven Badger served on the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee leading the $5 billion subrogation action against airlines and aviation security companies alleged to have been responsible for the 9/11 Terrorist Attack. This historic litigation concluded in a $1.2 billion settlement for the participating property insurers, reportedly the largest subrogation recovery ever obtained by the insurance industry. Badger's presentation provides an inside look at the events leading up to 9/11.  Badger also discuss the numerous interesting insurance related and public policy issues that arose during the course of this historic litigation, as well as the currently pending subrogation action against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Sally Perkins

About 15 years ago, Sally Perkins started volunteering at a children’s hospital in Indianapolis, telling stories at the bedsides of sick kiddos.  One night, she heard a little girl’s moaning stop when the girl started listening to “The Three Pigs.”  When the story was over, the girl’s moaning started again. At that moment, Sally knew the power of story.

Since then, Sally has performed stories of all sorts—historical, wisdom, personal, and ghoulish--to audiences of all ages. She’s had multiple commissions to create and perform historical stories about famous characterslike John Dillinger and famous locationslike Butler University’s Hinkle Fieldhouse. She has been featured in theIndianapolis Spirit & Place Festival, the 2018 Tennessee Haunting in the Hills Festivaland the Festival of Ghost Storiesat Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.  Currently, Sally is traveling across the U.S. with her one-woman show, Digging In Their Heels: An Eye-opening, Energized Story of Women’s Battle for the Vote, a top-selling show at the 2018 Indy Fringe Theatre Festival.  In October of 2019 she’ll be performing Digging In Their Heelsat the United Solo Theatre Festival on Broadway!

Sally also works with professional clients helping them develop effective presentations and compelling stories for use their organizations – for sales, fundraising, and marketing.

Holding a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas, she has taught rhetoric and public speaking for nearly 30 years and currently teaches as an adjunct faculty member at Butler University.

But on her best days, you can find her back at the children’s hospital, telling stories at the bedsides of sick kiddos.



We wish to thank all of our guests and sponsors for making The 2019 Sunshine Conference a big success!

We hope you enjoyed being there as much as we enjoyed having  you!

Save the dates for The 2020 Sunshine Conference
May 13-15, 2020
We look forward to seeing you again next year!

2019 Sunshine Conference Highlights!

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